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When tiredness affects everyday life

Constant fatigue in dogs

When tiredness gets in the way all the time.

Today, many are affected by fatigue. You work too much, you don't have time to eat a healthy and balanced diet and you drink one coffee after the other to stay awake. Exhaustion is actually not a disease, but a signal that your body sends you when it needs rest. Those who are tired during the day usually only need a break or more sleep. The causes of fatigue are usually lack of sleep, overwork, and emotional or physical exertion. However, if the tiredness persists over a longer period of time, this can also be a sign of an illness or a health disorder. Loss of drive, declining performance - both physically and mentally - as well as reluctance are common side effects of persistent fatigue. If the performance is permanently impaired, you should clarify this with a doctor. The same applies to your four-legged friend. Typically, dogs can rest for up to 18 hours a day. So it is not a concern if your dog withdraws a little during the day. However, if your dog is constantly tired and noticeably withdrawn and appears listless, you should definitely keep an eye on this behavior and go to the vet, because this behavior can be a sign of certain illnesses.

Dog sleeps exhausted in the driveway

Is my four-legged friend just tired or is there more to it?

If your four-legged friend is exhausted and tired after play units and long romps, long walks or hikes, there is nothing to worry about. That is normal. As mentioned earlier, emotional stress or exertion can also be a cause of persistent fatigue. Some dogs often panic when left alone, which can become psychologically stressful over time. Some dogs are stressed when they are confronted with many impressions in everyday life, for example in the supermarket, on the street with cyclists, other people and dogs or, for example, with noise. Other reasons are, for example, deficiency symptoms due to an unbalanced and unhealthy diet. Age, boredom, and heat can also be closely related to fatigue.

When to the vet?

If you now all exclude the above-mentioned reasons for the tiredness of your four-legged friend and your dog feels noticeably weak and tired, it can act a disease. The following diseases can include fatigue as a symptom:

  • Fevers and colds - watch out for increased sneezing, coughing or a runny nose
  • Inflammation of the liver Diseases of the heart (especially in the advanced stage) 
  • if your four-legged friend has difficulty breathing and is limp, this can be a be signs of valve dysfunction

When the dog's heart doesn't want anymore

If we assume the worst, then we are talking about heart failure. This can manifest itself in the dog through various symptoms and varies from four-legged friend to four-legged friend. Unfortunately, in most cases, heart failure occurs slowly and unnoticed, and the diagnosis is only made when it is at an advanced stage. A weak heart can be very dangerous for the dog and cannot be cured, only treated. Appropriate treatment can therefore significantly improve the quality of life of your beloved four-legged friend. Therefore, the earlier the diagnosis is made, the better. The following possible symptoms in the dog are:

  • Less resilience: your four-legged friend stops more often and is no longer able to cover longer distances
  • The mucous membranes in the mouth or the tongue turn blue
  • Your four-legged friend is breathing faster or is short of breath
  • Syncope: Your dog has increased fainting spells
  • Cough: Your dog coughs more often when excited or he coughs more often at night when he lies down and relaxes
  • (Lung) edema: fluid collects in the lungs or in the abdomen
  • Loud heart murmurs or weak pulse
  • Cardiac arrhythmias

Wenn Sie den Verdacht haben, dass Ihr Vierbeiner möglicherweise an einer Herzschwäche leidet und mit ihm noch nicht beim Tierarzt waren, dann ist es höchste Zeit den Tierarzt Ihres Vertrauens aufzusuchen, um die Symptome mit ihm abzuklären, damit im Falle einer Herzinsuffizienz möglichst schnell eine entsprechende Behandlung in Gang gesetzt werden kann. Der Tierarzt hat anhand verschiedener Untersuchungen, wie beispielsweise dem Elektrokardiogramm, Ultraschall oder dem Röntgen von Lunge und Herz, die Möglichkeit Herzerkrankungen zu diagnostizieren und gezielt zu behandeln. Eine Vorbeugung ist im Falle einer Herzschwäche leider nicht möglich, allerdings können Sie dafür sorgen, dass Ihr Vierbeiner ein möglichst unbeschwertes, glückliches und gesundes Leben führt. Dem können Sie beitragen, indem Sie auf eine gesunde und ausgewogene Ernährung achten, Ihrem Hund genug Auslauf ermöglichen, Ihm Stress und Aufregung ersparen und ihm genügend Aufmerksamkeit schenken. Und mit Cardizoo.

very exhausted dog sleeps on a couch

How you can help your dog with Cardizoo

Imagine that you could save your four-legged friend some stress, suffering and pain with the help of a harness. The use of the dishes is user-friendly and can be carried out at your home. You wouldn't have to drag your dog to the vet, nor would it have to be shaved for the electrocardiogram.

It is a comfortable harness that you put on your four-legged friend over the entire day and night and that measures the heart rate of your four-legged friend and detects possible heart problems. With the stored data, you can go to the vet in a relaxed manner, where they are evaluated in collaboration with specialist cardiologists. In this way, you are always up to date with your dog's current state of health, your dog's quality of life is automatically improved and there is an opportunity for him to live a longer and happier life.

The most important things at a glance: